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I apply modern materials with video and audio recordings.

All lessons are adjusted to student`s wishes and preferences.

International TEFL Academy offers an Online TEFL class, hybrid, and In-Person classes in 25 locations globally.

It is extremely common for someone already teaching English abroad at a language school to teach English online to boost their income.

I want help people who are just starting to learn English, and who continue improving their skills.

Other traits that are often sought after include being personable and having great presentation skills.

If you don't have an accredited TEFL certification, then this is your first step.

A flexible lifestyle and the ability to be your own boss while teaching English & traveling the world - what's not to love?

Teaching English online is an industry experiencing rapid growth in demand, and it has the potential to long-term employment stability, whether it be a part-time or full-time basis.

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